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This was the best video EVER!

This video inspired me to feed the starving children in Haiti, it helped me get a girlfriend, i lost 15 pounds, i got a job, and i adopted 14 children, all thanks to this amazing video. I think I will become a psychiatrist, a doctor, and a president all at once thanks to the inspiration this video provided. keep up the amazing work... You could probably top Egoraptor.


Despite its misinterpretation, negativity, and biblical inaccuracy, this was okay.


My hypercam's done, heading to youtube...

Lol, nah jk. 10/10 stars and 5/5!

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This game is good, however...

The infection/evolution point build is slow, and it is required in order to eliminate a symptom of said infection. If you could make the removement of infections free, it would be perfect.

Just like the minds of today

Someone once said that If God could make an appearance before us without our eyes exploding, we still would not believe. It just goes to show you, no matter what you do, no matter how real it is, people still just lie to themselves :(

I have read the revalations chapter

I gotta admit it's pretty crazy with what's going to happen. This game's story line deserves a 10, but the gameplay itself gets an 8. It was rather hard. If you can add more terror and horrific features to the Locusts though, that would up the features. For example, considering that they are from hell, charred skin and peeling flesh would be fitting.
Although, i got to admit that when the guy split almost in half comes chasing after you, that's pretty crazy. And when you find him in pieces twitching about, that's even scarier. It's almost as if, even when you are in a state that should make you dead, you're not dead.

Increadibly good aspect all around though, Revalations is one of my favorite books of the bible.

And also, to avoid confusion that someone else posted earlier, people should know, that God is not responcible for the locusts. The devil opens a crevice from the ground, and the Locusts are set forth to torment only humans.

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I'm normally not a fan of demons

but this one made me lol. And also, the style and detail is good too!

Artyluck responds:

Hehe, thanks a lot man, I was listening "Diablo Swing Orchestra - Ballrog Boogie", so I draw it for that song. :D

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